Thursday, November 4, 2010

Icon Hosting for Favicons?

Photo storage sites such as Photobucket do not support the hosting of icon files.

Favicons, the graphic appearing in your web browser address bar (particular to each site) are made from .ico files.

Icon J is a site that will host your icon files. In addition, it will automatically convert graphics files such as jpg to a favicon for you.  You can copy the copy and place it inbetween your [head] [/head] tags to have your customized favicon show up in the web browser address bar.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

CSS Cheatsheet

Really useful cheat sheet.

Shows you how to link to a CSS and shows you the syntax to use including giving values you can use for the different properties, arranged in a very organized and categorized format.


CSS Cheatsheet

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Wish You Could Test Drive Your Fonts Before Tweaking Your Code?

Are you using the trial and error method (like me)  for tweaking the appearance of text on your template?

You tweak the size, the color, the spacing, preview i t, no good!

You tweak the size, the color, the spacing again, ugh!!!!!!

You tweak the size, the color, the spacing again…WAY OFF.

Using trial and error can be tricky because the more you tweak the code, the higher the probability that you’ll jack it up.  is an online app that can help you test out fonts before you go into tweak your code.

Change the font size, color, decoration, spacing, background color and more to see what a font will look like BEFORE you change your code. It gives sample paragraphs so you can see the font in large chunks of text and shows you variations such as italics, bold, etc.

Then,  when you’ve got that just right combo, you can grab the CSS code you need by copying and pasting directly into your document/template.

From the interface, you can compare three different font configurations at one time!

Super handy!